Tuition center Orissa 2019


Dear All,

Greetings from MYPEOPLE !

Wants to share about the transformation journey of our MYPEOPLE Orissa tuition center. This year 30 students took part in the public exam and by the grace of God everyone passed in the public examinations.

Number of 10th students =12.

Number of 12th students =18.

Total passed = 30 students.

12th First class=5 students.

12th Second class =13 students.

10th Second class = 5 students.

10th Third class = 6 students

Why this result is special?

The Orissa govt helps the poor and Athivasi students until 8th class and after that the students found difficulty and they will either continue or discontinue the education. And they need a help else they may go as labour or go for early marriages and so on. MYPEOPLE is helping these students to get a better coaching and helps them to pass the public examinations. And after these public examinations also we need to help them so that they can go for higher studies.

Thank you all for your kind support towards reaching the poor and needy.